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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Showcase Experience!


The Showcase provides exposure but it does not do the work for you. If you want your experience to be all that it can be you should do the following:



  • DO make a list of schools you think you can play at AND be academically successful at.

  • DO go on the schools website and explore – familiarize yourself with the team, coaches etc.

  • DO pay attention to your position on the roster – will that team be looking to fill the position the year you will graduate?

  • DO make contact with the coaches via email.

  • DO make sure to include the fact that you will be at the showcase, and make sure to send your profile along with the email, if you have a YOUTUBE video include the link.

  • DO try and schedule a recruiting seminar before showcase with NAV Services so that you have the ins and outs of the process!

  • DO make sure your profile is complete on CaptainU!


Showcase Do's

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