Press Release: PrepVolleyball Partners with the North Atlantic Volleyball Showcase (NAVS)

PrepVolleyball Partners with the North Atlantic Volleyball Showcase (NAVS) to Provide Best in Class Collegiate Recruitment

Tri-State (July 2017) PrepVolleyball and NAVS will begin their partnership with the 10th Annual NAVS showcase in New York at the newly refurbished Queens College gymnasium on December 2, 2017. This alliance affords PrepVolleyball a larger footprint on the East Coast and NAVS the resources to reach more athletes. While NAVS has a proven track record of featuring athlete’s skills and talents, yielding major scholarship dollars; PrepVolleyball is one of the most recognized authorities in the junior volleyball space. “PrepVolleyball is excited to promote the quality teams, athletes and collegiate programs competing on the east coast and looks forward to being a part of the continued growth and prosperity of volleyball in the region,” says Seth Burleigh, COO, Advanced Sports Media/PrepVolleyball.

The collaboration between PrepVolleyball, the leading voice in junior, high school, and collegiate volleyball news, highlights, and player stats, and the NAVS’ formidable $32 million dollars in facilitated scholarships over the last 9 years, creates an opportunity for Tri-State athletes to be at the forefront of high school and collegiate media. PrepVolleyball will expand their brand and reach geographically, as it adds a key regional market presence while allowing the NAVS to increase its visibility. “We’re thrilled to see PrepVolleyball enter our space as we look to grow the game in our region. The addition of PrepVolleyball to the landscape gives our athletes a larger stage for information, exposure, and opportunity,” says Jim Fox, NY Metro Governor, AAU.

This partnership will reinforce the continuation of the NAVS mission statement to connect players to coaches, who otherwise may not see them play, and coaches with recruits who will fit beautifully into their programs, and to educate parents and players on the recruiting process. The showcase features a free recruiting seminar for parents to gain more insight and learn how to navigate the process, and to get some of their questions answered by actual college coaches and experts in the recruiting field. “It’s an absolute pleasure to partner with PrepVolleyball, in our 10th year of service. The ability to upgrade the level of exposure we can provide our participants is really a dream come true,” says NAVS Founder, Vanessa Whitney, a media executive and mother of two former collegiate athletes, the youngest, an All-American, Penn State Graduate and current professional athlete.


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Contact: Anissa Whitney (213) 326-7440

For more information logon to websites: and

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